17 Mar 2017


Every genre has cliches, but how well does the 3rd film in the Leprechaun series follow the Slasher film rules?

 Leprechaun 3 (1995) is the story of yet another leprechaun on a killing rampage to get one of his gold coins back

The following analysis may contain spoilers for


Rule #1

A Warning Will Come From...

"Whatever you do, don't touch the medallion." ~ Lucky.
"No, I won't." ~ Gupta.

  • Lucky, is a crazy old man, desperate to get money for fuel to leave town,  He warns Gupta not to touch the amulet.
  • Gupta also has a computer program that gives a lot of important warnings and information.

Rule #2

There Will Be T&A

"Hey, you want my heat seeking moisture missile, don't you?" ~ Mitch.
  • Nudity - Tammy Larsen undoes her top with under control of a wish, most of the rest of the time she's wearing a very cleavagey magician's assistant costume.  A topless lady comes out of a television.
  • Sex - Mitch almost has it.

Rule #3

Death Will Be A Punishment For...

"They should have been willing/to give me me shilling./But I've done well/by sending them to hell!" ~ The Leprechaun.

In theory, the leprechaun is chasing and killing anyone who has had his coin.  In reality, he just kills anyone who annoys him.
  • 3a.  Sex - Mitch tries to have sex with Tammy and then begins to have sex with the lady who comes out of the television and turns out to be a robot.  Electrocuted during robot sex.
  • 3b.  Nudity - Tammy almost gets nude but survives (she was under the control of a rapey wish at the time.)
  • 3c.  Drinking - No really.
  • 3d.  Drugs - Not really.
  • 3e.  Hitchhiking - Tammy sort of does with Scott.  Survives.
  • 3f.  Other criminal behaviour - Art and Tony are loan sharks or gangster of some kind.
  • 3g.  Being annoying/being cowardly/being a sleazy guy - Gupta is greedy, Mitch is sleazy, 
  • 3h.  Being a bystander - The morgue attendant.  Possibly the doctor and nurses.

Rule #4

Never Go...

"Tammy Larson, please report to the morgue." ~ The Leprechaun.

  • 4a.  Basements - The morgue, maybe.  Nothing says it's in the basement, but it usually is in this type of film.
  • 4b.  Upstairs - Lots of people go to hotel rooms above the casino.  Some die.
  • 4c.  Showers - Nobody showers in this film.
  • 4d.  Into old sheds or outbuildings - N/A.
  • 4e.  Running off to the “safety” of the forest - No forest.
  • 4f.  Anywhere alone - Mostly Tammy in the morgue.
  • 4g.  Anywhere Remote, Isolated or Confined - No.
  • 4h.  Abandoned buildings - No.  Unless you count the pawn shop.

Rule #5

Order of Death...

"The signs point to a tragedy about to happen.  Casino owner dies... in a bed of lies." ~ The Leprechaun.

  • 5a:  First person to appear on screen -  Gupta is the first person to appear on screen and the first to die.
  • 5b:  Black guy dies first - Everyone's white.
  • 5c.  The Stoner - No.
  • 5d:  The Bimbo - Loretta, although for most of the film she's an aged out-of-shape bimbo-wannnabe.
  • 5e:  Nerdy/Funny Guy - Scott.  Possibly Gupta.
  • 5f:  The Macho-Jerk - Fazio.  Mitch.  Arthur and Tony.
  • 5g.  The Strong Female Character - None (besides Tammy).
  • 5h.  The Protector - None.
  • 5i.  The Sensitive Guy - Scott.
  • 5j.  Children and animals – No children or animals.
  • 5k. The Final Girl - Tammy.

1.  Gupta [A]
2.  Mitch [F]
3.  Art [F]
4.  Tony [F]
5.  Loretta [D]
6.  Morgue Attendant [E]
7.  Fazio [F]
* Scott also probably kills some medical staff when he's turning into a leprechaun himself.

Rule #6

Especially When They Are Most Needed, The Following Things Cannot Be Relied On…

"Yeah, give me hotel security. Yeah, I'd like to report a leprechaun in your hotel. No, a LEPRECHAUN. Yeah, little green guy. HE TRIED TO KILL ME! Hello?' ~ Scott.

  • 6a.  Communication devices - No phone problems.
  • 6b.  Lighting problems - Maybe on the way to the morgue.
  • 6c.  Vehicular Transport - Tammy's car breaks down in the beginning, but no one tries to escape in a car.  Well, escape Lucky and he seems to be fine once he has fuel money.
  • 6d.  Your Own Legs - Not really.  Some of the crowd fleeing Fazio's murder have problems, but they aren't being chased.
  • 6e.  The Authorities - Hotel security didn't believe Scott.  After that, they gave up contacting them.
  • 6f.  Weapons – A couple of people had guns that were easily knocked out of their hands.
  • 6g.  Escape routes - No.

Rule #7

The Final Girl

"I could have any broad that I wanted." ~ Mitch.
"Like that bubblehead little bimbo, Miss Tammy?" ~ Loretta.
"Yeah, I could have Tammy if I wanted her." ~ Mitch.

Tammy Larsen

  • 7a.  Final - Yes.  (With Scott).
  • 7b.  Girl - Yes.
  • 7c.  Boyish - No, very female.
  • 7d.  Well Drawn - OK.
  • 7e.  Virginal & innocent - Dresses slutty for work.  Behaves that way when under control of a spell, but otherwise OK.
  • 7f.  Will be reborn - A little.

    Rule #8 

    The Killer has a connection to...

    "I'm a leprechaun, me lass, and I'm gonna make you pay!" ~ The Leprechaun.

    The Third Leprechaun

    • 8a.  The location - No. Well, the casino is called the "Lucky Shamrock."
    • 8b.  The Final Girl - No.
    • 8c.  The Protector - Scott does begin to turn into a Leprechaun.
    • 8d.  The other victims - No.
    • 8e.  Feminity - No.
    • 8f.  A specific look - Looks exactly like the leprechauns from the first 2 movies.
    • 8g.  A specific weapon - Mostly magic, but he did beat 2 people to death with his shillelagh.

      Rule #9

      Evil Never Dies...

      "Now listen to me! This may mean the difference between living and dying. Do you have health insurance?" ~ Doctor.

    • 9a. You always have to kill the bad guy twice - Not really, once did it.
    • 9b. Even then the bad guy lives on - No, seemed OK.
    • 9c. Evil is immortal -  The Leprechauns in the previous films were exceptionally long-lived.  This one wasn't given an age.  Also he died at the end.

      • Rule #10

      The Sequel Will Be Bigger/More Formulaic

      "No. I'm not gonna forget it.  And neither are you.  If we let him get away with it, he'll do it again to somebody else.  And I don't know about you, but I'm not gonna let that happen." ~ Scott.

    • 10a.  They will follow the rules more - Maybe a little more.

    • 10b.  They will be more formulaic - Follows the basic formula of the first two, adds the leprechaun bit causing someone to become a leprechaun bit.

    • 10c.  There will be more T&A - The first film had no nudity, the second a brief breast shot.  This one had a longer scene with exposed breasts.

    • 10d.  There will be more and bigger deaths of the victims - Went for bigger exaggerated deaths.

    • 10e.  The killer’s death will be bigger - The previous two exploded, this one burnt to death in the air.  Virtually the same.  I'm not going to argue this one.

    • Results

      "All right, let's just start with every test that starts with the letter A, tomorrow we'll do the B's, and then Thursday..." ~ Doctor. 
      "You play golf on Thursday." ~ Nurse. 
      "Well, this is an emergency." ~ Doctor.

    • The following rules are followed:  1, 2, 5, 10.
    • The following rules are partially followed:  3, 4, 6, 7, 8.
    • The following rules were not followed:  9.

    • ~ DUG.

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